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    Are you worried about making the correct decision about the home property? No need to worry anymore. James Messa has got you covered. Years of professional and adequate experience coupled with technical knowledge, make him the right option for anyone trying to make a decision related to the house or other property. Contact us to get a meeting scheduled, and leave the rest to the experts who can best filter out the option to meet your need.

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    Helping You Make The
    Right Decision

    Investing can be a tricky and complicated task, especially when you are new to the place and aren’t familiar with the work ways. So it’s always essential to hire someone more proficient and expert in the field- in this case, James Messe. With investment levels, budget, and time frame, I can provide home options that are best suited to your need.

    Depending upon your investment, budget, and time frame, we can provide a range of home options that are best suited to your need. With the right information and insight into the clients’ objective, we can come up with perfect options. Our services span far into buying/selling the house, getting a certified appraisal, free consultation, and a lot more. Our tailored services ensure that the work quality meets your needs, and customer satisfaction is met at all levels.

    Our Listings

    San Padro

    Type Multi-Family
    Rooms 0 beds + 0 baths


    Type Single Family
    Size 8,158 SqFT
    Rooms 3 Beds + 4-5 Baths


    Type Single Family
    Size 6,908 SqFT
    Rooms 6 Beds + 5-5 Baths

    The Woodlands

    Type Single Family
    Size 13,150 SqFT
    Rooms 5 Beds + 9 Baths

    San Padro

    Type Multi-Family
    Rooms 0 beds + 0 baths


    Type Single Family
    Size 3,965 SqFT
    Rooms 4 Beds + 3 Baths


    Type Single Family
    Size 4,000 SqFT
    Rooms 4 Beds + 3 Baths


    Type Single Family
    Size 4,667 SqFT
    Rooms 4 Beds + 4-5 Baths


    1What does the consultation services include?

    It includes the evaluation of the houses, carrying out property analysis, and valuation of the tangible/intangible services.

    2Who are our potential clients?

    Are potential clients are business owners, operators, intermediaries, lenders, investors, real estate agencies looking for a home.

    3What are the additional services?

    Additional services include advisory services, financial analytics, portfolio positioning, and free consultation of home-related property services.

    4How can I buy a home faster and for a low price?

    For buying a home at the best price, you must have various options and to update you regarding this; you must consult the best expert like James Messa.

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      Our Services for You

      Driven by explicit knowledge and a special focus on delivering profitable financial outcomes to its customers, James Messa has been able to address the customers’ goals and objectives.

      Sell Home With Us

      can help you by finding the right customers and selling the house at a good profit in the given time slot

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      Evaluate your home

      I can calculate the estimated market value of your home in a short time and save you all the trouble using the latest tools.

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      Free certified appraisal

      Get an estimation of the actual market price of the house for a greater understanding of taxation and sale price of your home

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      Buy a home with us

      Get a meeting scheduled, specifications listed, and let us choose the suitable options for you.

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      Our Mission

      With a customer-centric approach, we are better able to place a special focus on processes and the people involved. Our three ingredients to success are time management, organization, and maintaining comprehensive response-time. Together, we are better able to meet and exceed the set levels of customer satisfaction continually.


      Placing the customer ahead of all the company needs


      We value the time management of our clients and ensure that the work is completed on time


      We ensure that the communication and response stay active during the work


      We deliver the promised quality to meet customer satisfaction continually.

      What Our Clients Say

      Great Service. James Messa is an extraordinary specialist to work with, as he made buying a new house process super easy. Thank you, James!!
      Working with James Messa to sell my home in 2016, I was convinced that he the best realtor. From that point forward, I've sold two properties and bought one, and with each deal, his information, and astounding advise have reliably guided us through to superb results and highly recommended!
      James Messa did an excellent job when I was looking for the best investment opportunity in real estate. He helped me found the best property in my budget. It is genuinely a delight to work with James Messa!!
      I am incredibly pleased with James Messa. There is no better realtor than James Messa as he is aware of the best real estate properties to buy or sell. Highly recommended!